Mental Health

At Committed Care Services, we prioritize mental health and have a dedicated Clinical Support Team that includes a Mental Health/Forensic PBS Practitioner and Clinical Director. We collaborate closely with local healthcare professionals to ensure consistent and appropriate support for individuals with mental health needs.

Our strong partnerships extend to community Mental Health Needs teams, as well as forensic and substance misuse teams. We take pride in offering flexible mental health support tailored to individual needs, aligning with each person’s Mental Health Support Plan. Through person-centered planning, we craft detailed crisis/relapse prevention strategies and track progress toward achievable outcomes, fostering greater independence.

Mental Health Help For All

Safety is of utmost importance, especially for individuals with complex multiple diagnoses. We facilitate full choice and control while actively managing risk through positive approaches. Our approach includes using clear, multi-agency risk assessments, strategies, and heightened supervision when needed to promote inclusion.

To identify potential mental health issues, we employ various tools, such as the Mini PAS-ADD for assessing psychiatric disorders. Additionally, depending on the circumstances, we utilize other risk assessment and management tools like HCR-20 (Historical Clinical Risk), ARMIDILO-S (Risk and Management for Developmental and Intellectual Limitations), suicide risk assessments, and fire-setting risk management. At Committed Care Services, our goal is to provide comprehensive and compassionate care for individuals with mental health needs, ensuring their well-being and progress.